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2006 Dodge Sprinter Van 2500 Van - Overview

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$29,050 – $34,775 MSRP

$26,436 – $31,645 Invoice


2006 Dodge Sprinter Van 2500

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What's New
New for 2006 on this largest and most versatile of Dodges is a rear back-up system, headlight washers, and a sliding window cargo partition.

Though many people may not know much, if anything, about this big van, (if they do know of it, they probably think about it only as a commercial vehicle), the Dodge Sprinter can be outfitted with seating for 10 people, can carry lots of cargo, and can serve as base camp for all sorts of outdoor activities. Standard features include power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, driver and front-passenger air bags, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, acceleration skid control and electronic stability control technology, which are designed to help the driver keep the vehicle on its intended course.

The Sprinter is the largest vehicle in its class, yet because of its diesel engine it offers exceptional fuel economy and can tow a 5000-pound trailer as well as carry lots of cargo. It will not fit in a typical garage, but at 93.1 inches in height, it provides enough interior headroom for many adults to stand upright as they walk from front to back. A high-roof version of the van is some 10 inches taller and has even more interior space. Though tall and long, the Sprinter still fits within the width of a typical parking space, though it needs a spot some one and one-half times longer than usual. But that means the van provides at least 247 cubic feet of interior room, even with the standard roof height. With seating for 10, there's still 112 cubic feet for cargo in the rear.

Wedge-shaped Sprinters are powered by a 154-hp, 2.7L inline five-cylinder diesel engine that pumps out 243 lb.-ft. of torque. Estimated highway fuel economy is 25 miles per gallon. coupeed with a 5-speed automatic transmission with Chrysler Group's AutoStick shifting feature, the engine provides a range of more than 650 miles on a tank of fuel, even though, as Dodge points out, the fuel tank is 5 to 9 gallons smaller than those in other full-size vans.

The Competition
The Dodge Sprinter competes in the Large Van category. The majority of models in this segment are used as work trucks such as cargo vans, or for carrying large numbers of people.According to the J.D. Power and Associates Sales Report,SM Ford sold 179,543 of its big vans in calendar year 2005. Also in this segment are the Chevrolet Express (127,585), its near twin, the GMC Savana (34,765), and the diesel-powered Dodge Sprinter (19,983).

Available Trims for the 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van 2500

  Transmission MSRP Engine City/Hwy MPG
HC 5 speed automatic $29,050 154-hp / 2.7L 5-cyl 0/0
SHC 5 speed automatic $30,920 154-hp / 2.7L 5-cyl 0/0

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