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  • Despite the historically high gas prices, people still want to drive SUVs. And, naturally, people want to drive high-quality SUVs. Below, we've listed six sport utilities that, according to J.D. Power study findings, rank highest in their respective segments for quality, and which get at least 20 mpg in the city.

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) are arriving in dealer showrooms in increasing numbers, and car companies are working overtime in order to make them appealing as daily drivers for the average consumer.

  • A non-electric vehicle contains an internal combustion engine and related parts such as a fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel-injection systems, cooling system, and an exhaust system.

  • Consumers seeking an alternative to a traditional gasoline engine have numerous choices in today's new-vehicle marketplace. Each of the following types of powertrains is available to consumers today--some regionally, and one in very limited numbers in California--and all offer benefits over the common gasoline engine.

  • Natural-gas-powered vehicles burn compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of conventional gasoline. As with gasoline, CNG is mixed with air inside of an engine's cylinders, is ignited with a spark plug, and the resulting explosion moves the pistons and propels the vehicle.

  • There are eight hybrid SUVs on sale in the U.S. market for 2012, all of them qualifying as "full hybrid" vehicles because they can operate at low speeds on nothing more than the electricity supplied by their rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery packs.

  • Diesel automobiles earned a bad reputation in the 1980s when automakers introduced underpowered and noisy diesel engines.

  • The most fuel-efficient vehicles defined by the EPA as those which use the least amount of fuel per mile is a group that includes sporty subcompacts, roomy hatchbacks, and luxury-oriented family sedans.

  • Alternative energy vehicles automobiles that are propelled by something other than traditional petroleum-based fuels are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer the promise of environmentally friendly transportation.

  • Innovatively combining the best of combustion and electric propulsion, hybrid vehicles are a new option that might revolutionize fuel-efficient transportation.

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