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  • Many people have no choice but to drive on wet, slippery roads. If that describes you, there are three things you can do to help ensure that you arrive at your destination, safe and sound.

  • Hydroplaning occurs when your car's tires slip on a wet or icy surface. By taking the proper precautions listed below, you can reduce the probability of your car hydroplaning.

  • Driving in fog is dangerous because visibility is reduced. To keep safe, follow these five tips for driving in fog.

  • Distracted driving is a growing epidemic in America. In-car technology, whether hand-held or integrated into the vehicle, is significantly compounding the problem, to the point that Nevada has given Google permission to test driverless automated cars on its public roadways.

  • By avoiding these 10 dangerous driving habits, we can significantly decrease the number of preventable vehicle-related accidents each year.

  • Driving in a city can be challenging. Depending on the city, the day of the week, and the time of day, a barrage of visual, aural, and tactile information assaults a driver's senses when venturing into the heart of any city, anywhere.

  • Test driving a car takes just a short time, but it is one of the most important steps in determining whether or not a new vehicle is right for you.

  • Driving long distances is something many of us do on a regular basis. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of long-distance driving tips that you might find helpful.

  • The early years of driving are the most dangerous, as new drivers are more likely to have an accident during their first two years than at any other time.

  • Driving while texting on a mobile device is illegal in most states, and the statistics make it easy to understand the dangers of texting while driving.

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