New for 2011-Acura


Acura welcomes its first wagon, the TSX Sport Wagon, and the flagship RL receives a host of improvements

All other models in the automaker's lineup are carryovers

2011 Acura ModelsHistory
Acura is the luxury brand of Honda Motor Company, a Japanese automaker. Launched in 1986, Acura was the first Japanese brand to enter the upscale luxury segment when it debuted its Legend luxury sedan. That model, based on the Honda Accord platform, was accompanied by the Integra sports coupe/sedan, based on Honda's Quint hatchback (not sold in the United States). Honda's luxury brand continues to focus on high-level automobiles and advanced technology (the company's exotic flagship, the aluminum-bodied NSX sports coupe, was launched in 1991), while the mainstream Honda lineup continues to build economy-minded family-oriented cars and crossovers.

Today, Acura manufactures a range of passenger automobiles. While the Legend, Integra and NSX are gone (the company switched to alphanumeric model names more than a decade ago), the current lineup contains sedans and luxury sport utility vehicles with up-to-7-passenger seating capacities-and a new station wagon is being added for 2011. Models include both front- and all-wheel drive. Acura vehicles are manufactured in Japan, the United States and Canada, and are sold in North America.

2011 Acura Models at a Glance:

  • MDX-Carryover from 2010
  • RDX-Carryover from 2010
  • RL-Refresh and facelift
  • TL-Carryover from 2010
  • TSX-Refresh plus a new station wagon model
  • ZDX-Carryover from 2010

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