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Young Car Buyers Are Excited about Buying Cars

By: Jeff Youngs, 1/28/2014
According to the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing Report,SM which has measured attitudinal, lifestyle, recreational, and media consumption behaviors related to the purchase of a new vehicle for more than 25 years, consumers 25 years old and younger are enthusiastic about vehicle ownership, refuting popular sentiment that they are not interested in buying a vehicle.

"There is a lot of discussion today about many young consumers not having the resources, interest or even passion to own a new vehicle," said Arianne Walker, senior director, automotive media & marketing at J.D. Power. "However, this age group really is passionate about vehicle ownership, their driving experience and the image associated with the vehicle they buy. Not only do they enjoy driving, but they also see their vehicle as a reflection of their identity."

Based upon the findings of the report:
  • 41% of young car buyers prefer a vehicle with powerful acceleration and responsive handling, compared with 36% of car buyers of all ages
  • 33% of young car buyers want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd, compared with 20% of car buyers of all ages
  • 27% of young car buyers want to personalize their vehicle with options and accessories, compared with 20% of car buyers of all ages
  • 22% of young car buyers like to drive on roads with hills and curves, compared with 13% of car buyers of all ages
  • 19% of young car buyers say that others can tell a lot about them by their choice of vehicle, compared with 10% of car buyers of all ages

Walker says that since 2009, these attitudes and sentiments among young car buyers have increased by an average of 6%, which reinforces the fact that young drivers remain interested in new vehicles and are emotionally connected to the vehicle that they choose to purchase. Automakers will want to keep this in mind, especially since buyers under the age of 25 account for 6% of all new-vehicle sales, according to the Power Information Network (PIN) from J.D. Power.

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